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What this is:
- This definitely takes place after Kite's battle, much later
- Cubia returns????
- "It's been waiting. Waiting for us" 
- What the hell is an Avatar
- Who the fuck is Haseo
- wait wait, why do players have the power of the Phases THIS IS NOT ON

What this means:
- Cubia is pissed off :D Humans keep trying to kill him.
- He's starting to question his existence in the World and whether it's worth returning there.
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 [ Here from 4:00 to 6:27 ]

What this is: 
- Boss fight between Cubia and Kite

What this means:
- His trust in humanity just shattered completely :D
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 Paper Monster: Apeiron
Citrine scarf made by Vriska
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Skills 5
- Legion's Reach: Cubia raises up its arms and slashes the party, dealing heavy physical damage. This is unavoidable.
- Basically huge blue things come and hit you. (link 2:00 to 2:02)

Skill 6
- Data Drain!!!
- This skill has the power to erase people from existence. However, the stronger the enemy is, the more strain is put on Cubia's physical form. With the power cap, the most it can do is weaken people to a severe degree.

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It's been a while since I've done this.

Questions meme for Cubia! ENTERTAIN ME.
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Offscreen memory!

What this is
- A period of time when Morganna goes missing.
- Lots of crying and begging to see her.

What this means
- +100 self-loathing.
- +50 wishing his mother had just cared
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Located [here]

- First meeting!
- Ominous :B

- getting this memory last is HILARIOUS
- Wow I was Mister Cryptic
- I would have killed Kite on the spot :x
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Located [here]

What this is
- BlackRose >(
- :( wow I just wanted a place to belong and I had one with Kite, but then I died. :( Whelp that's irony for you.

What this means
- Cubia has already seen this but from Kite's perspective. He hadn't seen it from his own and it's even more depression.
- Dying still sucks
- So this is what it means when people say it doesn't matter what I am .-.
- but too late, still dead.
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Located [here]

What this is
- Mia, aka Macha, was loved by Elk
- Elk was Kite's friend.
- Cubia knew exactly where Mia was
- Lied anyway.

What this means
- How much of a douche bag was I anyway...
- Fucking Mia and her fucking friends >(
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Located [here]

What this is:

"Yet to return, the shadowed one, who quests for the Twilight Dragon"
"Rumbles the Dark Hearth,"
"And Helba, Queen of the Dark, has raised finally her army"

- Enter Helba!
- Kite caused the crisis at Yokohama! Or was that me derp.
- Lios tried to delete Kite >(((((((((
- AURA >(((((((((((
- "Cubia what is it you fight for?" "Hmph. So I get deleted once there's no more use for me? If that's the case... I'll just do what I feel like until that happens."

What this means:
- It brought back all of Cubia's old ugly feelings. That no one in the World wants him, that ultimately he is there to be used and killed. >( HATE
- AURAAAAAAAAAA. This is the second time he's seen her in his memories, but this is the first time he's hated her so much.
- He now remembers the entire Epitaph of the Twilight. Which I will type out later.

Skill #4
- Cubia can now tell who is what. He can distinguish between humans and non-humans as well as surges in power.